Singer Sewing Machines Models Old and New

Singer sewing machines have a long history of delivering quality, practical and useful automated sewing machines. Issac Merritt Singer invented the first useful sewing machine and since 1851 Singer have delivered sewing machines for both practical and creative people around the world. The very name Singer is synonymous with sewing machines.


Many people will have fond memories of these machines that have been around for so long now. My grandfather had several treadle operated antique singer sewing machines that he used for both tailoring and shoe making. As a boy I remember watching him operate these machines that required a great deal of concentration and coordination.

Today the machines are electrically operated and computer controlled to provide some amazing types of stitches that allow you to be much more creative with your sewing.

Those old singer sewing machines are much sort after as beautiful pieces of machine history as well as a practical option if the electricity supply should fail. The way energy prices are going up this may happen. Often the machines were embedded in a table with the wrought iron legs and treadle in which was cast the name Singer. Just so we would not forget.

Today's singer machines are incredible value and there are a wide selection of types, sizes and functionality for the creative amateur to the demanding professional. On my mums machine she would sew with the light from a hot incandescent bulb attached to the machine that would burn if you touched it. Modern machines have ultra-bright LED workspace lighting that stays cool and bright all the time. Ideal when trying to thread the needle in dim daylight as I often was asked to do. Easy threading of course is also part of the modern sewing machine.

So get started looking into the latest recommended Singer sewing machines and get creative.

Sunday, February 25, 2018